Detox-Blender Plans

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Each version of the plan includes:

21 Days of Recipes and Daily Guide

Weekly Shopping Lists

Daily Guide to all recipes and juices.

Each version has something different to offer based on your machine:

If you have a blender, (Nutribullet, Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja, etc, choose the blender version)

10 thoughts on “Detox-Blender Plans

      • Natashia says:

        Thank you for your response. I think from reading through your site it seems the best results are with a juicer VS blender? I am new to juicing and thought a nutribullet would be the simplest method but if a juicer will give better results I will go with what you recommend!


  1. ashbomm says:

    Does the blender plan come with the meal plan as well or does only the juicer plan come with the meal plan? I want to to blender and meal plan but don’t want to have to buy the juicer plan as well in order to get the meal plan.


  2. Aliza says:

    Hi I saw ur website on instragram and I would like to buy the the plan for 21 days but I’m confuse what’s the difference between the 21 focus (JUICER) and this plan 21 detox blender


    • Cici says:

      Hi each plan has different recipes and its based on the machine used. If you have a blender you would need the blender plan, if you have a juicer, pick an option from that menu.


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