Purple Rain 

Happy Friday all!!!

It’s a nice dreary day here so it’s raining inside and out. Purple Rain is full of great for you vitamins and my favorite as always is it has cancer preventing properties. Oh yes, medicine in a glass!!!

So what’s in it:

1/2 of a purple cabbage

2 honey crisp apples

2 cara cara oranges 

1 lemon

Juice and sing with me,🎤🎤 Purple rain, purple rain.

(If honey crisp are not available try Gala or Fuji. More apples can be added depending on how sweet you want it.).

Green Energy


Green Energy
To Make 48 Oz.

1 Bunch Kale
3 Red Apples
3 Green Apples
1 Large Cucumber
1 Head Romaine Lettuce
1 Lime


Juice and enjoy.

Today has been a busy day for consults, so just having juice to grab was a big help. Dinner is shaping up to be a salad and finishing up work on some other projects.

Enjoy the juice!!!