Mama’s House…

60 Days of JuiceSeptember 14-November 13

We all have that one person that motivates us to reach for the moon, stars and beyond.

For me that’s my Mama. There isn’t too much I can say that I want to do for my businesses and she isn’t in my corner cheering me on. I have learned so much about myself over the last few years. It’s amusing no matter how much I once fought it, I am Linda’s daughter and we are very much alike.

Our mannerisms, the constant song in our hearts. (I can’t sing a lick, as my husband often tells me but I always do anyways lol.) We laugh too much, smile too hard, and believe the best in everyone. I even get my love of journals and pens from her, yep she’s the one who created the stationery habit.  She makes me believe in myself and has helped me stay focused on building It Starts With Juice to where it is today.

Getting older brings many things into focus, and to know she is so proud of me makes me beyond proud of myself and I want to cross one of the biggest goals off my list.

60 Day Juice Fast, ah my old friend we meet again. I have tried to complete this process and always end up changing my mind after a few days, sliding into my semi fast mode. (Juice for the majority of the day, then a healthy dinner.) There is always a reason to not fully commit, and I feel ready to take it head on. My birthday just passed which meant most of August was spent in celebration(read too many carbs, sugar, and other naughty tasty things.) Panama City and New Orleans were great, and I could live in New Orleans cafes.

I am committed to juice fast from September 14-November 13.

This will include:

*At least 64 ounces of juice per day

*At least one gallon of water daily

*Journaling daily, Blogging 2-3x a week

*Sharing recipes 2-3x a week

*At least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

*Veggies only as snacks when needed

*3 Free Passes

(Vision Board Event, Anniversary,?)

Pretty simple.I know that discipline and keeping new recipes coming will be my hardest task, but I accept the challenge.

Who motivates you to attempt to the impossible? What big project are you working on ? I’d love to hear from you :).

Saturday Weigh in Reminder

Today’s Weigh in Phrase is Juicy July!

You must submit:

1) Your entry pics, the front, side and scale shot.
In the same pose repeat the above poses and tomorrow’s scale shot.

2) ALL WEIGH INS ARE DUE BY NOON CENTRAL TIME, AGAIN NOON CENTRAL TIME, if you are in a different time zone check the time difference and submit accordingly. I will not accept any after noon, you may submit them starting now if you would like.

3) With your submission let me know how the program went for you, did you gain any benefits beyond weight loss, would you do it again, etc.

4) IMPORTANT, the $250 challenge and the $1000 challenge began at the same time, if you want to continue into the $1000 challenge you may use discount code ICANIWILL to sign up for the remaining 5 weeks.

Any questions please ask below. Good luck!!!!

Thirsty Tuesday – Shock Tart


Happy Tuesday guys! Today’s recipe is Shocktart which is a delicious summer blend.If you are on medication substitute the grapefruit for more oranges.

2 Red or Pink Grapefruits
1 Cup Strawberries
2 Oranges
1 Lime


Recipe makes about 32 ounces. If you want a sweeter juice use only 1 grapefruit and increase to 4 oranges.

Kirribean Punch

Kiribbean Punch
(Recipe for 48 Ounces)
4-6 Kiwis
1 Head of Kale
1/2 Pineapple
1 Lime
(A Cucumber can be added if more liquid is needed.)
Perfect summer juice and cucumbers can be added to give that extra oomph for hydration.
What are you having today?

Watermelon – Lemon – Lime Juice


Ahh…watermelon juice is going to be a staple this summer. Super simple to make and there are so many different combinations. My favorite way to buy is from the trucks that pop up all over summer. I found this little stand a few weeks ago and the cutest old man runs it.


While organic is great, local is even better. I know that the produce is fresh and I’m helping local farmers, a win win. These giant beauties are only $4 and one entire watermelon can make a gallon of juice, squeeze some lemon and lime juice in and chill. Delicious!

On a smaller scale, in case you don’t need a gallon of juice:

1/4 medium watermelon, rind included if organic.
1/2 Lemon
1/2 Lime

Juice and enjoy.