Saturday Weigh in Reminder

Today’s Weigh in Phrase is Juicy July!

You must submit:

1) Your entry pics, the front, side and scale shot.
In the same pose repeat the above poses and tomorrow’s scale shot.

2) ALL WEIGH INS ARE DUE BY NOON CENTRAL TIME, AGAIN NOON CENTRAL TIME, if you are in a different time zone check the time difference and submit accordingly. I will not accept any after noon, you may submit them starting now if you would like.

3) With your submission let me know how the program went for you, did you gain any benefits beyond weight loss, would you do it again, etc.

4) IMPORTANT, the $250 challenge and the $1000 challenge began at the same time, if you want to continue into the $1000 challenge you may use discount code ICANIWILL to sign up for the remaining 5 weeks.

Any questions please ask below. Good luck!!!!

Juicer of the Week-Client Spotlight

This week’s client spotlight, Kasaundra, in her words:PhotoGrid_1434214676058

I am so emotional as I come to the end of my JUICING CHALLENGE! I have learned so much in these last two months but the one thing that I will carry with me throughout my health journey is TRUST THE PROCESS. Starting off I was so  discouragedPhotoGrid_1434214778085and wanted to give up because I was DOING the work but the WEIGHT wasn’t coming off  like it thought should. It was such a familiar feeling of starting something and never finishing and this time I vowed it would be different, so what did I do….I STUCK WITH IT! Now look at me almost 40 pounds down and all because I TRUSTED THE PROCESS and I DIDN’T GIVE UP. I can’t express enough how juicing has changed my life and my body. Thank you @itstartswithjuice YOU SAVED MY LIFE! #Juicer4Life

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