Fall 21 Guided Challenge

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October 5th-25th

Come take the 21 day challenge with The Juice Chick!!!!

Fall is finally here!!!! The fall version of the 21 Lbs in 21 Days program has arrived!!

What does that mean, a new menu of hearty seasonal juices and delicious meal recipes. Just because the weather is cooling down up doesn’t mean we have to add other layers as well. The plan will follow the format of two main juice meals and a low carb dinner. In an effort to make things oh so easy for fall instead of two plans, there will be one combined and give you the option of completing the challenge on all juice or having a dinner meal for those colder days.

Happy Autumn and leave any questions below!!!

(A juicer is needed for this plan, it is not suited for blenders.)

21 Day Challenge Includes:

Daily Emails from The Juice Chick

3 Weekly Meal Plans emailed on Saturdays and one Post Week Meal Plan

Juice Recipes suited for seasonal produce.

Chat With the Chick available daily to ask questions(8-5 p.m.)

Ready to take control of your health, click the link above!!!

Plan is not suited for blenders, must have a juicer. Plan is not suited for vegetarians, meat is included in the meal plan. For the guided challenge there are not any auto downloads.

Sign up for the guided plan ends on October 4th. The additional emails, and items listed above are only included with the guided plan.

Ask any questions below.

Happy Juicing!!!

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