Fall 30 Challenge

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Join The Juice Chick in a 30 day challenge. The cooler months are normally a time when many slack off their regimes and give into all of the holiday goodies. This leads to making that dreaded new year’s resolution to drop pounds and live healthier. That doesn’t have to be you this year. What if you could still eat delicious food while getting healthier? This challenge is for those who want to make those changes and WOW themselves and their families this holiday season.

So… what is it?

The challenge begins on 09/28, the first Monday of the fall season. Participants are asked to participate in the Google Plus Community as well as on Instagram with the challenge tags.

To make things interesting there will be a few prizes along the way:

1-Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

(4) $25 Dollar Gifts Cards

1 Grand Prize Winner of $150 Cash for biggest loser.

For this challenge you will need:

  1. At least a basic model juicer, blenders are not recommended for this challenge.
  2. Access to the Google Plus Community (you will need a gmail.com address)
  3. The Fall 30 plan (will be emailed on 9/23.)
  4. Nike Running for Mile Challenges

Not suited for vegetarians/vegans.

Week 1- Detox-Two main meals are replaced by a juice and salads for dinner.

Weeks 2-4- Main Plan- Two main meals are replaced by juice and protein/veggies for dinner.

Post Plan-2 Day Transition Menu back to full diet.

To join us just click the link above. I look forward to seeing you in the challenge. Leave any questions below.


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