A Different Direction…

Happy Friday guys!!! Here’s just a quick blog on the change It Starts With Juice is undergoing. I have been the juice diva for the past 2 years and although juicing will always play a part in my healthy lifestyle it’s time to expand and revamp on some things. It Starts With Juice’s mission is to get as many people on a healthy journey as possible. Juicing is just the beginning and so many of you ask, what’s next and how to maintain weight loss. My answer is always to transition to a healthy diet, but let’s be honest here, if we knew what that was to begin the detox would not have been needed in the first place. I always want to lead by example so my long term plan is a paleo lifestyle, my short term challenge (insert drums here) is to tackle a Whole30(or 60 we will see how it goes.) 

Very simple and it’s not much different from how I eat now except the carbs, and yummy breads but adjustments can and will be made.  I’ll begin on August 16 and will providing you with recipes, tips, and motivation along the way. Don’t worry all of my fabulous juice detox plans will still be available just adding to the family. 


Hello and good morning!!! It’s a beautiful Wednesday and I’ve decided to give my overworked self a delicious kick this morning.

For those who are over the classic Apple-carrot combo this a a great way to kick it up a notch but still get all the great benefits :). 

For 32 ounces-

2 Red or Green Apples

4-6 Medium Carrots

1/2 Pineapple

1 Large Lime, peeled

1Head of Romaine Lettuce  

Juice and enjoy!!!

(Starting today and each Wednesday, I’ll be adding something special for my blog readers. This week is a discount for 25% off any program discount code is  #Bloglove!!! )