10 Day Detox

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!10 Day DetoxJoin us in 10 days of juicing, vegetarian meals, and enlightened support with It Starts With Juice.

You may use this plan with either a juicer or blender, it includes recipes for both.

Days 1-5 will be Juicing and Vegetarian Meals

Days 6-10 will be all Juice or Smoothies.

Each day includes a daily guide, affirmation and journal activity.

Shopping lists are included for each 5 day segment.

Average weight loss is 10-15 lbs if followed

6 thoughts on “10 Day Detox

  1. infinitymadness2 says:

    Hello, I follow you on Instagram. Would you advise what would be the best way to start off? If any over the other?


  2. Theresa Edwards says:

    I would like to try juicing, for health not so.much weight loss, I have a regular blender, will this work. My goal is healthy eating, I have lost over 70 pounds , but believe in good eating. Do you recommend this as a start


  3. Toni says:

    Hello! I follow you guys on instagram as well 🙂 Wondering, is the 10 Day Plan juicing only? Or does it also have the option of juice or blender? I’ve juicd before but never stayd consistent. I am excited to start!


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